Financial Advisors:

Why buy leads when you can generate your own? 

Corner your local market with the exact tactics used by expensive lead brokers. Give value to your website visitors while generating & qualifying your own leads.  Branded your way and cheaper than you might expect!

Embed on your website in minutes!

Compare Anasova to popular lead brokers:



Anasova empowers advisors to produce their own leads by white-labeling our financial plans for their existing website.  Pay a monthly subscription and only pay for completed plans.


Zoe Financial produces leads through a  financial quiz that "matches" users to an advisor.  Once converted, the advisor pays out 20% of AUM over the lifetime of the account.


Smart Asset produces leads via a retirement readiness quiz. They refer qualified leads to multiple advisors who each pay (up to) $249 to buy the lead and compete to convert the prospect.

Choose your Subscription

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Anasova was built by wealth experts, for wealth experts.

Why give 20% of your fees to a lead broker when you can generate your own qualified leads, using the exact same tactics?


Every subscription includes:

1 license / admin seat
Your brand logo & colors on every plan
Your custom call-to-action page
Instant lead notification via email
Access to data dashboard
Incredible user data!
  • Great Starting Point

    Solo Advisor

    Every month
    Generate valuable content & leads from your website.
    • Run up to 30 financial plans / month
    • Only pay for completed plans
    • Cancel or Upgrade Anytime!
  • Ensemble

    Every month
    Distribute leads across teams that hunt & gather, together.
    • Run up to 100 financial plans / month
    • Only pay for completed plans
    • Cancel or Upgrade anytime!
  • Advisor "Unlimited"

    Every month
    Use for lead generation, employee benefits, education & more
    • Run up to 300 financial plans / month
    • Only pay for completed plans
    • BONUS: Volunteer Opportunities with


Volunteer with!

Give your time & talent to Americans seeking financial education.

Subscribe to our Advisor Unlimited package and get exclusive access to individuals that have opted-in to be contacted by a financial professional.

Committment:  1-5 hours per month serving an average of 5 households per month. 

Want more plans, admin seats, customization, volunteer opportunities and integrations?

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