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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions about Anasova's lead generation tool.

1. How do you help advisors and financial service professionals win new business?

Our software consolidates your consumer engagement strategy, lead generation tool, discovery meeting, and qualification process all-in-one. 

Our financial assessment is designed to help you attract new prospects AND engage existing clients in a frictionless way.  Every assessment run on your website is an opportunity to have a conversation.

2. How does this compare to my current financial planning software? 

We are not a detailed financial planning software. We do not replace your current financial planning software. We are a marketing tool designed to generate leads and qualify prospects prior to a conversation with you.


Our financial assessment provides basic financial education to your target audience with wide ranges and things to think about. We provide unparalleled data and leads to you and let you do the planning!

3. How do I market my own services inside the financial assessment?

There are 3 ways to market your services inside the assessment of your clients and prospects:

1. Your company logo is clickable and appears on every single page.

2. You will have a customized "thank you" page featured inside every plan.  Share your story and invite people to take a step with you!

3. You can create dynamic ads.  These ads are served only to your BEST fit prospects. We will help you pre-define the user metrics based on the specific services or call-to-action you wish to showcase to your ideal prospect.

4. Can I include ads from my strategic partners?

Yes, you can fully customize the ad experience as desired. Contact us to put together the best ad strategy for your organization.

5. Why would I choose to show someone else's ads inside my client's plan?

There are several reasons to show ads for other providers:


1. Showcasing services outside of your area of expertise shows your resourcesfulness and ability to take care of a client's entire financial journey.



2. All ads are educational and appear inside the plans of the individuals that can benefit the most from the information shown.


3. You can monetize products you do not offer by earning a referral free!

6. Does your software disrupt my current workflow in any way? 

No.  Think of our survey tool simply as a better "contact us" form on your website. We do not replace your current financial planning system, your CRM or any other tools in your tech stack. We are a lead generation tool that can be used to supplement your current marketing and prospecting methods. 

7. Is your software only available to Financial Advisors?

No. Our survey tool can be used by any professional that touches the financial life of a consumer.  Bankers, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, estate planners, and CPAs are just a few examples of professionals that can benefit from getting more leads and better data.  

8.  If a someone builds a plan using this survey tool, do they have to start over with our in-house financial planning software?

We can export captured user data in various formats; allowing you to import those data points into your financial planning software or CRM. 

9. Do you have a CRM integration with Hubspot, Salesforce or any other CRM systems? 

Yes, we are currently integrated into Hubspot and a Salesforce connection is in the works. Our APIs are established and can easily connect to any CRM system.


10. Is Anasova a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer? 

No, we are not a registered entity of any kind.  We are careful with the language in our plans to remain an education-only service not subject to the 1940s Securities Act. We have worked with an external legal firm who specializes in the 1940s Securities Act to ensure we remain in the education business. Our content is intended to be thought-provoking and to promote deeper conversations with registered entities or individuals who can provide more personalized and specific, actionable advice. We do not provide investment or securities advice. We leave that to our clients!



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