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Anasova Lead Generation for Financial Advisors

Money Talks.
Our survey tool helps you start the conversation.

Get 50+ data points on your prospects, before your first meeting.

Marital Status
Working Status
Household Income
Savings Rate


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Using Mobile Phone
Using Mobile Phone

Why a survey?

Surveys and quizzes are the best-performing lead magnets on the market today. People love to read about themselves!

Offer a FREE Financial Plan on your website to engage & qualify prospects, faster.

You can call it whatever you want:

- Financial Assessment

- Financial Check-Up

- Foundational Plan

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Keep scrolling to see how our clients are marketing their survey to engage website visitors.

Maven Bridge Capital has a dedicated landing page for their survey:

Screenshot 2023-09-05 at

Trajan Wealth uses a banner ad on their home page to direct visitors to their survey:

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Robinson Smith Wealth Advisors offers a seamless experience by embedding the survey on their landing page:

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Case Study & Video Testimonial

Latika Tillis, Investment Specialist & Financial Coach

  • Promotes the survey as a "Financial Health Assessment"

  • Uses it as her call-to-action on her website, at networking events, and in podcast interviews. Very little social media promotion. No ad spend!

  • 40 completed surveys in first 3 months 

  • 80% provided email = 32 warm leads

  • Follow-up conversations more productive than going in “dry”.

No coding or integration is required.
Get up and running in minutes


Best Value

Survey Software



Every month

Designed to help you generate & qualify new leads.

Valid until canceled

Cancel Anytime!

Branded to your company name

Capture 50+ data points on every user

Receive instant email alerts when a user completes survey

Receive a copy of their assessment

Receive their email address (as provided)


Contact us to learn about our customized lead generation solutions. 

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