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Recommendation by category

Life insurance

If you are looking to purchase a whole life policy and / or to spend more than $5,000 per year on insurance you should consider getting an independent perspective from somebody that is not incentivized to sell you insurance.

  • Click "connect to a professional" to get fee-for-service advice


Health & Dental

You should have health insurance.


Home & Auto

You must have auto, homeowners or renter's insurance.
- If your net worth is over $500,000, you should consider a personal liability umbrella policy for 1x your net worth through $10 million (starts at $1m and goes up in $1m increments).

Bundled solutions

Typically best for families and household income > $100K

Comparison sites

Best for stand alone solutions / transparency / checking rates


Available in select states


Other types of insurance

Jewelry (ideal for pieces greater than $10,000):


Estimated value to an individual

  • Significant sums of money can be saved by having the right solution.
  • This can be hundreds of dollars per year in savings and hundreds of thousands of dollars of coverage.


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