The Pennyhoarder Promotes Free Financial Planning

Updated: Jun 20

The financial publication featured Anasova in a recent article about the importance of financial planning.

The Pennyhoarder, a popular financial education website, recently featured Anasova's technology as the best way to get a free, totally customized financial plan.

Titled, "Millionaires Swear By Financial Plans. Here’s How You Can Get One For Free (And Save $3,500/Year)", the article sheds light on the irony that only those with money can typically afford to obtain a financial plan.

Excerpts from the article:

“Anasova is an AI-powered tool that asks questions about your finances and lifestyle to build a totally personalized financial plan for your specific needs.."

“Whether you want to grow your wealth, shrink your debt or a thousand other situations in between, Anasova’s free financial plan will help get you on the right path."

“It’s all the information you would get from a personal financial advisor, minus the office visit and a $2,000 bill."

Read the full article here:

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