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Each profile comes with unrivaled data and explicit permission to contact.
We make it easy to fully automate your funnel.

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Financial Advisors:
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Why Anasova

Anasova is ideal for companies who target a specific audience,

benefit by having detailed user profiles, and are willing to

build trust and relationships over time. 


Reach Your Target

Your firm:

knows their ideal prospect 

Reach your exact target market with over 240 million targeting combinations.


Leverage Data

Your firm:

values data

With over 50 points of data in every profile, you have a way to start the conversation - and keep it going. 


Build Trust

Your firm:

builds relationships

Trust is earned, not given. We provide everything you need to connect and build trust

With Anasova,
you set your budget & your price

No subscription.

Set your budget then set your price per profile through bidding. 

Bidding is the best way to ensure your satisfaction. 

And, by bidding different prices on different profiles you can optimize your ROI.

Don't worry, our tools make it easy. 

Three time-tested steps to growth

The formula is the same. What we revolutionize is the speed, cost, and efffectiveness of connecting you to your exact target demographic.

Build Your Pipeline


Find the right leads for you by setting precise filters to reach your exact target audience, saving time on unqualified leads.

Valid, Real-Time, & Rich Prospect Data

Access real-time, detailed prospect profiles, each with over 50 data points, a guaranteed valid email, and more through our easy-to-use platform.


You define your unique prospect criteria, budget, and price per profile. If we can't match your desired prospects at your chosen price, you won't be charged – it's that simple. Only pay for those that meet your criteria.




You control your outreach and engagement process and messaging. You have the flexibility to decide how you want to interact with your pipeline.


Newly purchased prospects are seamlessly delivered to you via email in real-time (no stale email lists here). Access your full custom pipeline in our platform anytime. Integrate with your CRM for an even more seamless experience. 


Anasova provides educational tips, articles, and courses for free, written by a $1B AUM Advisor who understands the challenges to prospecting and business growth, and sharing how he overcame them. If you ever need other assistance, our guidance is always available - just reach out.



With your defined prospect criteria, budget, and process, let your pipeline fill automatically while you focus on what you do best: closing deals.


Our detailed prospect profiles help you start the conversation with hyper-personalized outreach. Follow up with precision. Measure your pipeline, and maintain a quantifiable sales funnel.

Get started today to see how we can help you grow your business!

Hear from a client

  • How do I get started?
    If you are an Advisor, you should start by building a business plan. If you prefer, you can create an account on your own. It is free to explore. Here's what you can do: Set your budget by funding your account with $250, $500, or $1,000. Set your filters for your target demographic. Set your bid for that profile. Remember, you're bidding on new profiles and constructing a fresh, unique, custom pipeline. When you win, you will receive an email alert with a summary and a copy of their financial plan. New profiles will also populate your dashboard. Additionally, you may opt to have profiles sent directly to your CRM.
  • How do I filter? What can I filter on?
    In broad terms, our filters can be categorized as follows: Approximately 20 minimum and maximum filters (such as Income, Assets, Net Worth, and Investments). Selection from 50 states and territories. Credit score (self-reported). A dozen yes/no questions. Employment Status (working, retired). Family status (children, married, single). Charitable intent. Intent-based filters (reason for visit, working with an advisor, specific questions). Filters can be set as either "and" or "or." For example, you can identify individuals with $100,000 to $200,000 in income "and" $250,000 to $500,000 in assets, or you could filter for people with $100,000 to $200,000 in income "or" $250,000 to $500,000 in assets. It's important to note that the filters are prescriptive. For example, if you set an age maximum of 70, you will not see profiles of people who are 71 or older. Best practice: It is recommended to use no fewer than two and no more than eight filters for any particular bid. It is free to set up an account and explore our filters. Our team is happy to help you set your filters and your bid.
  • How much should I bid? Why bidding? How does bidding work? Can I place multiple bids?
    How much should I bid? Our calculators optimize your bid and ensure quantifiable ROI. Bidding with our calculator is the only way to calculate the price you pay for a profile to meet your return on investment objectives. Or, if you're an advisor, you can run a business plan and receive 4 bids you can place. Our recommended approach: Start with very conservative assumptions initially. Aim for 100 to 200 profiles. Compare your results to your initial assumptions, adjust accordingly. Why bidding? Bidding allows us to effectively guarantee your satisfaction and the satisfaction of everyone in the marketplace. You only pay the price you set for the exact profiles you want. If we can't fulfill your request at your price, you won't be charged. This ensures you have a clear, quantifiable pipeline with a measurable return on investment. How does bidding work? Our bidding process operates as a sealed-bid, multiple-price, instant Dutch auction. The top three highest bids on any profile secure the profile. The price you bid is the price you pay. You won't have access to information about other bids. The highest bidder pays more for the same profile than the third-highest bidder, and the fourth highest bidder does not secure the lead. Can I place multiple bids? Certainly! Most users place between 3 and 12 bids, but you may place an unlimited number of bids. It is extremely unlikely that one bid is optimal for you. Why pay the same price for every profile? You can change, pause, or cancel any bid, any time.
  • How long will it take to build my pipeline?
    It really depends on your filters and your bid(s). Currently, our system is designed to deliver between 3,000 and 60,000 new profile matches per month, depending on demand. Some users on our platform are quite specific with their filters and pricing, and they typically receive 3 to 10 profiles a month. Meanwhile, others might get hundreds of profiles. The speed and volume really depend on your preferences and objectives. If you'd like to learn more about how our system works, you can explore on your own or set up a 15-minute demo. You can also check out a representative sample of recently matched profiles here (free registration required).
  • How does Anasova generate profiles?
    We provide people with a free financial plan, which can be referred to as a Free Financial Health Assessment or a Free Financial Checkup – our partners have the flexibility to choose the term they prefer. We offer this service through websites that we own, as well as through partnerships with publishers who make our tool available to their readers. You will know the source when you win a profile, which can help with engagement. Our tool is designed to be fast and free. Users willingly provide their contact information (and can opt not to), fully aware that they may be contacted by up to 3 firms. Letting solutions come to them is an exciting process! It's worth noting that money is the number one cause of stress. Our data clearly shows that when information is provided voluntarily, the quality of the data is superior.
  • How much does Anasova cost? How much does a profile cost?
    Say goodbye to subscriptions - our user-friendly system enables you to set your budget and place your bid for profiles. The top three bids win. Suggested bids for most profiles range between $3 and $20. Consequently, many people choose to set their initial budget at $500 or $1,000. The minimum account balance to get started is $250. Your account must be funded to receive profiles, and you are only charged for successful bids. The money in your account balance is yours, and you may request a refund of your remaining balance at any time.* Schedule a 15-minute demo to learn more. Or, explore more on your own. *Certain conditions may apply, see terms of use for details.
  • What happens when I win a profile?
    Set your budget, configure your filters, and place your bid. You're bidding on new profiles, constructing a fresh, unique, custom pipeline. When you win, you will receive an email alert with a summary and a copy of their financial plan. New profiles will also populate your dashboard. Additionally, you may opt to have profiles sent directly to your CRM through one of our integrations for a fully automated experience.
  • Do you have tools to help me?
    Yes! See multiple tools here. You can also access: Bid calculator Guides Tips Playbooks LeadGen courses A Virtual C-Suite Learn about lead types. See recently purchased profiles. Set up a 15-minute time with our team
  • What do I do once I win a profile?
    The choice is yours, and it greatly depends on your specific objectives. Most individuals who are creating plans typically fall into one of two categories: "buy later" or "buy now." "Buy Later" - Marketing Qualified Leads: This category represents the majority of our traffic, accounting for approximately 90%. These leads express interest but may not be ready for an immediate purchase. Establishing trust and confidence over time is crucial for converting them into customers. "Buy Now" - Sales Qualified Leads: Roughly 10% of our traffic belongs to this category, often referred to as sales qualified leads. These individuals are poised to make a purchasing decision and should typically receive an immediate, personalized response. It's important to recognize that sales qualified leads require prompt attention, while marketing qualified leads, though they may seem less urgent, hold substantial potential. In fact, it's common for over 80% of your existing business to originate from individuals who were initially in the "buy later" category. Sample actions for dealing with marketing qualified leads: "Nothing": One approach is to simply add users to your existing marketing campaigns or newsletter. This method can be quite effective for businesses like a Caribbean resort looking to attract a specific target demographic. Personalized Systematic Process: Engaging with marketing qualified leads often involves a systematic approach. Video outreach can be particularly engaging. Starting with five to seven personalized messages and then transitioning into an automated campaign is a strategy well-suited for businesses in the financial services sector, such as advisors and agents. Automated Process: For product-based companies, such as those offering life insurance, estate planning, or consumer loans, implementing an automated process can be highly efficient. This involves automatically placing winning bids into a 5 to 10 step automated campaign, customized to each bid profile. By finding the right balance between these strategies and adjusting your bids and filters accordingly, you can effectively build a diverse and dynamic pipeline that caters to both immediate and future customers, optimizing your outreach efforts for success.
  • What should I expect?
    In summary, expect to create a measurable pipeline, adapt your approach for different lead types, understand our service's scope, and proactively assess our partnership's success using statistical insights. Now, let's delve into the details: Setting the Right Budget: Allocating the right budget is crucial for testing our service effectively. To maximize your chances of success, consider starting with a base test budget of $500 or ideally $1,000. Building a Quantifiable Pipeline: You should expect to build a quantifiable pipeline with a clearly defined Return on Investment (ROI). Our system is designed to help you create a measurable pipeline of potential leads. Response Process: Expect to have a process in place to respond to the profiles you win. Once you've won a profile, a structured response strategy is essential to engage effectively with potential clients. Profile Types: Most profiles you encounter will be marketing qualified leads, meaning they are likely to make a purchase decision at a later stage (i.e., "buy later"). This is a common profile type in our system. Sales Qualified Leads: Be aware that sales qualified leads, those ready to make immediate purchasing decisions, may cost more. We recommend placing a separate bid for them. These leads may take longer to fill your pipeline, as they are fewer in number. Understanding Our Deliverables: It's essential to understand what we do and don't deliver. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the services and leads we provide to set realistic expectations. Proactive Evaluation: Proactively determine how you intend to evaluate us as a partner. Define your success criteria and performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of our service. The Right Volume: We recommend testing with at least 100+ profiles to increase your chances of a successful outcome. Importantly, it's worth noting that virtually nobody achieves success within their first 50 profiles. A longer-term approach can yield better results. Feel free to ask ChatGPT for more information on how many leads you need to assess a sources' performance.
  • What is not included in the profile?
    In each profile, you receive a high-level overview and guaranteed permission to send emails. While a phone number is optional (and provided by less than 10% of our users), you have the option to screen for it. However, specific or personal information, including the following, is not included: No last name. No address (including city or zip code). No account-specific information. No account type breakdown (qualified vs. unqualified assets). Our process is meticulously designed to benefit our users and ensure regulatory compliance. The information provided is more than sufficient to initiate conversations. Any additional information you feel you need can be gathered as you engage with your target audience.
  • What is included in a profile?
    Each profile includes a summary, detailed information, and about 50 data points. What's more, you'll receive a guaranteed valid email address and explicit permission to send emails. We also guarantee that each profile is absolutely unique. Unlike other companies, we guarantee that each profile is shared a maximum of three times. Additionally, due to our instant bidding system, we also ensure that the data is fresh, as reported by the user. Sample summary data looks like this: State: Texas Investments: $800,000 | Net worth: $923,000 Life stage: working Age of primary: 59 Focus: Improve my near-term financial wellness (Reduce my financial stress) Reason for visit: I have specific questions, needs, or concerns Name of primary: Maria Married? Yes Children? No | Age of youngest: Financial stress (1 - 10, 10 = high): 4 Working with an advisor? No Other things to know / note: Questions: Paying off debt Sample detail looks like this: You'll also get data on different services they are using, like this: Finally, you get a written guarantee and metadata with each profile like this: Anasova Guarantee: This is a unique profile Shane spent 349 seconds building their plan Valid email and permission to mail Details: Token: M1nQtkUzC Permission to mail on file as of: October 31, 2023 at 5:34:58 PM Session signature: d1c0a32c-88tw-48f4-b61a-025dc98ea320 Note: all user data is self-reported data and is not verified by Anasova.
  • What closing ratio should I expect?
    When the question about closing ratios arises, we can't help but cringe a little. It's akin to seeking your closing ratio on LinkedIn or a dating app. Additionally, there are too many variables across companies, products, ideal targets, and approaches. However, we get it – it's one of our most frequently asked questions. So, let's break it down: Understanding the Ranges: The closing ratio on Anasova typically falls between 0% and 10%, with a more specific range of 4% or less. But, here's the catch: evaluating closing ratios without considering cost is like assessing an investment without examining risk. Our unique bidding system empowers you to set variables, allowing you to quantify your ROI. Set your filters, establish your bid, and let the magic unfold. Getting Started: We encourage you to use our calculator with a closing ratio of 0.5% and an ROI target of 25% to 40% as you embark on this journey. This initial, conservative setting paves the way for testing around 200 profiles, providing ample room for adjustments. Once you've gathered data, cultivated a pipeline, and fine-tuned your process, refinement becomes the name of the game. Should you find yourself wanting more traffic or facing challenges, our team is here to assist. Our goal is to be your go-to partner for quick, clear, and easy quantification of your return on investment.
  • Who is Anasova? Who is behind Anasova?
    Founded by a former Barron's top advisor, we are a venture-backed company that automates the process between individuals seeking assistance and the companies, advisors, and agents who can help. We streamline the sales funnel from lead to revenue in a manner that is seamless for the consumer and cost-effective for our clients. Our mission is to alleviate financial stress by offering easy access to personalized financial education and having companies, advisors and agents define their ideal prospects, enabling better conversations. We eliminate the barriers to access financial wellness. Learn more about Anasova | Connect with our Founder.
  • How do I learn more?
    Set up a free account and browse our filters. Click "?" inside your dashboard to browse help and access free resources. Set up a 15-minute call
  • Compliance and data privacy related questions
    Our system was built by industry leaders with the strictest regulatory compliance standards in mind, guided by both internal and external expertise. Here is just a sample of our Pillars of Compliance: Explicit Permission: Our users explicitly opt in to share their profiles and let solutions come to them. We are exceptionally transparent to all parties on our bidding process. (Best Practice: Ensures transparency and respects user consent, a fundamental aspect of data privacy.) No Endorsements or Vetting: Anasova does not vet, verify, or endorse any client or user of our services. (Best Practice: Avoids potential conflicts of interest.) No PII (Personally Identifiable Information): There is no PII in our system. (Best Practice: Protects sensitive user data and reduces the risk of data breaches.) No Communications: No communication may take place between parties in our system. (Best Practice: Minimizes potential misuse or abuse of the platform for unsolicited communication.) No Old Data, No Re-Selling Leads: Profiles are matched only once to the three highest bids. (Best Practice: Ensures that user data is used responsibly and not exploited through repeated reselling.) No Revenue Share: No success-based or performance-based fees. (Best Practice: Eliminates potential conflicts of interest where the marketplace might be influenced by financial incentives.) No Set Price: We don't set the price on profiles; the market determines the price. (Best Practice: Ensures fair and competitive pricing.) No Centralized Database: Profiles are not stored in a central database that multiple parties can access. (Best Practice: Enhances data security by limiting access points and potential points of vulnerability.) No Integrations: We do not receive any information from your systems. We can export data through standard protocols. (Best Practice: Safeguards data privacy by not integrating with external systems.) No Client Information: We do not store client information; we provide profiles on potential prospects. (Best Practice: Ensures that only non-sensitive prospect data is handled, reducing risks associated with handling client information.) No Bulk Lists: You cannot purchase a bulk list through Anasova. Instead, your unique database of profiles is custom-built over time. (Best Practice: Maintains data quality and ensures adherence to consent-based data collection. Using bulk lists may raise concerns related to data quality, consent, and compliance with data protection regulations.) Privacy & Consent by Design: Privacy & Consent by design principles are integrated into our system and processes. This approach ensures that privacy considerations are fundamental to the development and operation of our platform. (Best Practice: Proactively addresses privacy and consent concerns and builds user trust from the outset.) Clear Handoff: We have a clearly established and well-defined handoff process. What you do with the profile and email address falls entirely within the realm of your compliance department and is entirely separate from Anasova's operations. (Best Practice: Separates responsibilities and ensures that data handling is transparent and in compliance with privacy and industry regulations.) Bidding and Order of Operations: To win a profile, five things must happen, in order: 1) you must have a funded account, 2) you must identify set criteria, 3) you must set a price (a bid), 4) a person must come through, matching your exact criteria, with explicit consent to share their data, 5) you must be one of the top three bidders. (Best Practice: Ensures a clear and fair process for profile acquisition, with user consent and transparency.) These pillars of compliance collectively contribute to ethical and responsible data handling and the purchasing of profiles within our platform. Is Anasova compliant with data privacy regulations? Yes, Anasova is fully compliant with data privacy regulations, including the European GDPR and U.S. CAN-SPAM laws, which prohibit sending unsolicited emails in bulk. Via the Anasova platform, you are not buying an email list for bulk messaging. Instead, you access individual financial profiles to build a pipeline of qualified prospects, allowing you to determine the optimal outreach strategy. This means you can use our platform with confidence, knowing that your outreach efforts meet legal requirements. How does Anasova handle user consent and the CCPA? Our online survey process requires users to explicitly opt-in to receive marketing emails while accepting our terms and conditions. This ensures that we respect user preferences and privacy in line with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) requirements. How do I get additional compliance related information? Please see our compliance page HERE. You will be able to find both a high-level overview as well as a detailed compliance FAQ.
  • Who do you work with?
    We partner with companies, advisors, and agents aiming to maximize their marketing investments through direct connections with their ideal target prospects. Any company can utilize our filters to engage with their precise target demographic. Currently, our extensive client and partner base, consisting of over 100 firms, features prominent names like Acorns, Charlie, Empower, Ethos, Experian, Trust & Will, Fabric by Gerber Life, Upgrade, and Upstart. Additionally, we collaborate with financial advisors and insurance agents.

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