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Financial stress is a common concern among readers.

Provide your audience with a financial planning tool to help ease their worries. They can choose to connect to our network for personalized advice and solutions, but it's entirely optional. Our solution is fast, free, and simple for your readers. For you, add an additional source of revenue. 

Build your free tool

Allow us to create a customized software solution for you. Your tool is ready instantly, whether you want to call it a "Free Financial Plan," a "Free Financial Checkup," or a "Free Financial Health Assessment." Our standard version is free, and you can explore additional customization options for a fee.


Offer the tool to your audience

Integrate the tool seamlessly into your articles or provide it as an embedded, engaging experience. Your readers have the flexibility to decide whether to share their contact information. We have thousands and thousands of 5-star reviews. 



Based on their profiles, a company, advisor or agent in our network may select your readers to present their personalized advice and solutions. Your reads can opt to learn more, or not. It's entirely up to them. Every member of our network provides some level of free education and information, ensuring your audience gets the support they need.



By partnering with us, you not only add a new revenue channel but also access to exceptional aggregated and anonymized reader data. Our technology can also connect your existing advertisers with your audience in new, tailored, and customized ways. Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, maximizing your revenue potential.

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